Tile Ideas for Fireplace

Are you considering a tile fireplace surround? True to its name, an “envelope” is the decorative piece around the fireplace or stove. This includes the home, the mantel, and the top and sides as well. It is not difficult to renew the look of your entire fireplace by the simple addition of new materials, changing the decor, or focus on flashy features such as columns, special lights or reflective mirrors. Tile is not only useful for the traditional kitchen and bathrooms, also very suitable and beautiful in the fireplace surround as an interesting feature. Many homeowners opt for the larger sizes of tiles here at 8 or 12 inch squares – as they add a touch of sophistication and texture in the home of their housing area.

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Options for your fireplace surround design.
Perhaps you are a kind creative and would like to try. his hand in the design of a single model that uses the types of ceramic or other tiles. If you follow the basic instructions for the installation, this can be a rewarding adventure and saving money.

If creative design from scratch is not attractive, but also do not want to hire an expensive professional designer, there is another option available to you. Your local home improvement store or online is likely to lead some DIY kits, with finished pieces – just put them together following the instructions and enjoy the finished product.

Newer on the scene are the kits with interchangeable materials!. These allow you to change your envelope with your mood – ceramic, mirrors, marble or even be in the form of tiles to provide texture options to change the look of your fireplace at any moment. For all you know, your family and friends may think that you just buy a new unit.

It is important to remember that you want your choice of tile fireplace surround to blend well with the seat and the mantelpiece, and the glass door of his unit. For this reason, you may want to take a picture to take to the store with you or to refer to when shopping online. Then you can decide if your favorite do it yourself kit will be complementary to existing parts they do not plan to change.

Whether bought, do-it-yourself, or customized, tiled fireplace surround its design can be unique, beautiful and affordable. Enjoy the process of planning their dream home.

fireplace designs with tile, fireplace

fireplace tiles design ideas


fireplace designs with tile, fireplace

fireplace designs with tile, fireplace



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