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How to prune lavender

prune lavender

Prune lavender is not an particolarmante complicated but you have to be careful not to make blunders.Without pruning lavender becomes bare and with a long stem and all’arbusto to give the characteristic globular shape must act with the pruning. In

Decorating ideas for a wedding in pink

These are some of the ideas and details to decorate your wedding in pink, a shade that is still the favorite among brides worldwide. Pink color, in all ranges, inspires delicacy and romance. For example, the bridesmaids with bouquets and

Decorating ideas for a wedding arbor

decorating ideas for a wedding arbor1

The garden wedding arbor has special meaning for many couples, and to drive you home after the ceremony and use it in your backyard. Every time you see this arc, which reminds us of your special day. Here are some nice