Wedding Decoration: Tips and Tricks

In as special as our wedding day, look for those details that make a difference and make the event takes the most out of our personal touch. Surely you’re losing your mind for ideas, so we want to provide you with some tips that may surprise your guests.


A good idea is to decorate the balloons . You can use different shapes and colors , place them in the ceremony and reuse them to make some fun pictures in both the photocall and the appetizer.

Using wire, you can create different shapes and make wreaths may be placed in different areas of your feast. It is a very nice original detail and also give you a fresh look.


Instead of using the typical cards for numbering the tables of the guests, we can produce numbers spray-painted cardboard. The gold and bright colors are great.

For dancing we can create an area with armchairs or sofas most stylish vintage , so guests can rest on the hillside.

Another special feature is to leave a flare on each of the plates of the guests, so that they light up in the moment of dancing , creating one of the emotional moments that guests will not forget. We hope you have enjoyed these ideas that you can use on your special day. Soon!












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prune lavender

How to prune lavender

Prune lavender is not an particolarmante complicated but you have to be careful not to make blunders.Without pruning lavender becomes bare and with a long stem and all’arbusto to give the characteristic globular shape must act with the pruning.

prune lavender

In March , using a pair of scissors as a gardener, you have to cut the spicastri of dried flowers 2-3 inches from their base.

When the plant is young it is recommended that a more vigorous pruning helps the formation of the shrub making our lavender plant more structured.

However, when the plant has a shrub already formed no need to cut deep into old wood as this could result in the death of the plant!

Consider, however, that, although carrying out a perfect pruning, lavender has a cycle of about 8-10 years and more the plant gets older and more will tend to increase the woody part of the bush to the detriment of the foliage and, at some point, will still necessary to replace old plants with young plants.

To prepare the plant for the winter old flowers should be removed in the fall , and if you want to enjoy dell ‘ exceptional scent of lavender even during the winter, you can dry the flowers and pick them up later in canvas bags.

Decorating ideas for a wedding in pink

These are some of the ideas and details to decorate your wedding in pink, a shade that is still the favorite among brides worldwide.
Pink color, in all ranges, inspires delicacy and romance. For example, the bridesmaids with bouquets and dressed in pale pink will look lovely at the entrance to the church.

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You can combine different colors in the bridal bouquet. Using different shades of pink or combining colors at our wedding, we can get lovely effects in the bridal bouquet and other details of the bridal attire.
The groom’s boutonniere and shoes of the bride also wear pink touches.A useful trick is to choose a dominant tone that we can coordinate with all wedding details to get more harmonic effects, as seen in the above photo: the bride shoes combined with the groom’s boutonniere , and the result is very elegant and modern.

The ponqué also carry pink details in different tones. Another option is to combine different tones of pink, some stronger than others, so that together nuance. This combination should also coordinate with the wedding ponqué and decor. In this case we have centerpieces that combine petals and accessories , as shown in the photo below.

The wedding decoration creates wonderful effects on the guests.
You can use the color pink in your wedding combining linens, flowers, sweets table, the bouquet and invitations can have a touch in this vein and, of course, the pink wedding dress for a delicate and feminine style .

Pink and white attire of the bride: a winning combination. You could also use a few shades of pink lighting and effects. If you want more ideas we leave you with this romantic pink decoration for your wedding . We hope you find all the inspiration you need for the big day!Combine different shades of pink in the decor and lighting care.

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decorating ideas for a wedding arbor1

Decorating ideas for a wedding arbor

The garden wedding arbor has special meaning for many couples, and to drive you home after the ceremony and use it in your backyard. Every time you see this arc, which reminds us of your special day. Here are some nice and romantic ideas .