Ideas of how to decorate courtyard

The courtyards are spaces adjacent to the house and although the soil is usually concrete or plate can achieve spectacular results. With these ideas of how to decorate a courtyard get professional results with little effort. You just have to choose a design that we like and using different materials and plants inside or outside depending on the location of the yard will get a wonderful result.


Different types of internal courtyards designs
Designing a relaxing courtyard
If you want to know how to decorate a minimalist style courtyard know that is very simple. Designing a path space with steel or wood can be placed on the sides stones of different sizes and then put a few potted bamboo. This decoration is very simple, get a relaxing courtyard and also requires little care.

Design of an internal courtyard Chill Out
In the market you can find different sizes and designs of wood paneling, its placement is very simple and require no maintenance as the wood is treated for outdoor use. Once you have covered the space with wood can be placed poufs exterior colors. They are very comfortable and versatile and if you also put a low table plastic or wood and large candles get a lovely chill out space.

Designing a Mediterranean courtyard
The walls of Mediterranean courtyards are usually painted earth colors such as yellow and red Tuscan straws. Another color that is used extensively in Mediterranean patios decoration is white with matching elements in blues and greens, such as pots, windows and doors. The playgrounds Mediterranean convey a sense of nature and freshness and are ideal for places with warm climates.

Decorating a courtyard reusing furniture
A good way of how to decorate a patio is reusing old furniture, such as tables and chairs which can be painted in different colors to give a cheerful and fun space. In addition we can use the walls to hang potted herbs that can be used to make cocktails and aromatizarán the environment. For travel pots you can use cans or glass jars.











Courtyard Design Ideas