Christmas Living Room Decoration

A year Christmas approaches. As we have foresight, we like to prepare our home for this solemn occasion. The living room, the main room of the house, should be ready in time. We are going to give the keys to the Christmas spirit brewed in the decoration of the room. Each year we let Christmas brew at home. It is true that this festival is not to everyone’s liking, but we always make an effort to give those little touches that need our home for that these days special. Visualize your living room, that small or large space to which we must make the most of to raise at full power all the feelings we want to turn around as family evenings by these fechas.Ante we all say that we know perfectly the difficult economic situation we are going through, so we are going to provide ideas enough to prevent economic crisis will further embitter Christmas account. With more reason if they are part of your household one or more children, no doubt, those who live with more enthusiasm this holiday.

The first element, basic, we should include in our living room Christmas decorations is-obviously-the famous Christmas tree. It is recommended that you decantéis by a natural but, being more expensive, we will choose one medium sized artificial. In specific establishments find artificial trees are increasingly made, natural look. So seize that asset and buy one. For if you do not motivating enough, say that an artificial tree will serve several years. First step to help save home!
It is imperative that the tree coloquéis a strategic point of the room, ie, in the space of the room dedicated to relaxation, to the desktop after the gourmet tributes we give to our family. In the area where we put the couch and the faithful companion, stand, which gives more body to our couch. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that we need space around the Christmas tree for ‘Santa Claus’ and ‘Three Kings’ gifts can leave us when breaking into our home. The decorations and the tree lights can do yourself at home. But this time, we recommend that you put ornaments in three well defined colors that will give elegance to the room we want: gold, silver and garnet or, failing that, red. Do not overdo the decorative elements of the tree, the elegance is in the right touch.

Candles, a key element in the room Christmas decorations
Undoubtedly, the candles should not miss in the ‘facelift’ we do to the living room for Christmas. When choosing them, you have to opt for the red and gold Christmas colors too and that will help us get on the right foot in 2012. Make the most of the opportunities that have decorative candles, playing with shapes and sizes … The mixture is success! The logic is put on the table where our family convidaremos with lunch and dinner special, yes, but let’s take a step further, not settle for the obvious …
Why not place a large candle especially for the floor? You will see that there are three candles either accompanying the Christmas tree. Place them as you like, into a triangle, straight line, plays … And restéis no importance to the table we have in the room next to the sofa, it is worth we place candles in various ways to heat the atmosphere: heart, round, square, spiral … It is important that some of the candles with golden filaments or silver that fit perfectly to the essence of Christmas. A world of possibilities that flood of peace and love our salon. Very nice, yes, but we must ensure that these feelings will join us all year …

Board Games
Are you passionate about games? In case you had not realized you can be a decorative element. Desempolvadlos and mostradlos! If you have a chess board, congratulations, because apart from exercising your intellect have in your hands the board game star decoration. So you can place quietly in the coffee table with candles and a modest and elegant floral centerpiece.
In other games, like checkers, you can do the same, but without reloading the table.
Enhances fireplace
If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the lounge, congratulations. You can create the perfect ambience in the lounge for the evenings. The key to getting the most out is to put a simple wreath as a headband. The filaments, decorate with gold and silver, not to break the harmony of the room.
The sense of smell is key to creating an environment suitable for the living room we transmit all the positives that we have to transmit. We recommend that some of the candles in the room incluyáis are scented with soft and delicate scents like jasmine. Also you can use the incense to find the Zen state in the company of our loved ones after frequent gourmet tributes to those who succumb at this time. And do not forget the scent given off by flowers. Although more expensive than artificial, in your living room should not miss the star of the flowers at Christmas, Easter flower. Striking, perfect, delicate and exudes a sweet fragrance that will bring out the softer side of our room.
What I found these trends to decorate the living room on Christmas? The important thing is to let it slip through the room without reloading Glittering Christmas excess stay.