Billiard Room Decor

Having a pool table at home does not have to mean doing crazy or extravagance. And today, to delight and see that anything is possible decor, we bring this space designed by the architect Julio Prado. In this house, the passageway between the living room and kitchen, which traditionally would be used for dining, was devoted to billiards room with a small bar (because you wear, because you have to be professional). But also in the closet that looks right, sheet steel paneling, hides the washing area, so this room works for both leisure and domestic activities. And all so happy.


The brick walls were left to the eye as well as the wooden pillars and columns original cast iron housing. Sliding doors etched glass openings closed at the ends of the wall and independent in the kitchen. The bar cabinet is perforated steel plate as closet doors. The pool table is one of those family heirlooms that when you have room for quedártela, become the jewel of the family. But if you have no place … One of the most care was the lighting, as a rule the fixture must be suspended on the table to prevent shadows. As additional lighting on the bar two small lamps were installed and a shelf Dau Spot light, and various fixtures and LEDs in the rest of the room.

The wooden floor was treated with white epoxy resin, a non-skid, waterproof and durable, allowing you to create seamless flooring, as in this photo, where the floor of the pool room continues into the kitchen, unifying both rooms. If you stay with the bug and want to try to fit a pool table in 60 m², we propose two pool tables that turn into dining table (and you have the perfect excuse): Fusiontable and Chevillote. If you are someone who will spend the evening or weekend nights playing pool with friends, you’ll probably love to have in your own home, not a table, but a ‘lady’ billiard room.

With all its elements and accessories for endless play games and lots of fun. This will require a good load of illusion and some other decorative idea, but do not worry, because the latter, and we take care of. Shall we begin?
To begin, you must check a room of the house just for your table. It’s not the subject of space, but because we will acclimate so that when your friends come into it, want to spend Friday nights there, without having to go to a bar or a game room.

Once you have decided the stay, we will begin to decorate. First, you have to decide in which area you have the table. It is best to put that right in the middle of the room. In this way, you can have complete mobility to play, and practice your best tricks with the stick without hitting the walls or furniture.
What about bats? Are the elements that you must take care with great care, since the blocks must be perfect to always gently hitting balls will make the undisputed champion of all items. Place a rack of studs on one wall, and make sure it is secure to prevent it from falling under the weight of these.

Lighting is another aspect that you should take into consideration when decorating this room. Ideally, outside light from a large window, but if not possible, or just for the day, then it is best to have a lamp suspended over the table so that this contribution the light needed during the game.

billiard decoration

billiard room decoration

billiard-room layout


Castle Leslie

Montain-Billiards room

Natural Billiard decoration